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Requesting Ads – Android SDK

Note: To support marshmallow runtime permissions, add this code.

It needs to be called once in app session and before any VMAX API and it is recommended for Android API 23 onwards.

Note: From version 3.5.3 onwards, the Android Support Library is not mandatory for using the VMAX base SDK. Add the Android Support Library only if specifically required by a mediation partner.

Make sure you pass the Activity Context to the VMAX SDK if you want to display banner, native, interstitial or incent-based ads.

Note: VMAX being a mediation platform will try to maximize the yield for you. It is not recommended to send another request for an ad if there is an unsuccessful attempt in fetching an ad. Please wait at least 30 seconds before requesting an ad after an unsuccessful fetch attempt.

Enable hardware acceleration to support video ads. In order to perform optimally, please enable hardware acceleration by adding the following line to your application tag in your manifest:

To check version of SDK use below API:

The VMAX SDK provides various mechanisms to request for Ads in your Android application. The SDK makes available both simple fully-managed Ad request methods and also the Cache & Show Ad methods to enable prefetching of ads for later viewing.