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Requesting Banner – iOS SDK

Supported Banner Sizes

WxH(Size) Description Availability
320×50 Standard Banner Phones
728×90 IAB Leaderboard Tablets


The SDK will automatically request the ad-size based on the user’s device.There isn’t a need for the developer to pass ad-size explicitly during integration.

To request a banner

Create an instance of the VMaxAdView for Banner Ads and conform to the delegate.

Creating the Ad View

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Set the frame of the AdView

Set the Frame for VMaxAdView prior to calling any methods of VMaxAdSDK in order to display ads properly. For a typical 320×50 ad placed at the bottom of the view, the code is as follows:

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[Optional] Setting Custom Refresh Rate

Set an Ad Refresh rate greater than the default of 30 seconds.
Note 1: The minimum Ad Refresh rate is 30 seconds; setting a lower value will default to 30 seconds.
Note 2: Refresh rate is valid for Banner Ads only; Billboard Ads are not supported

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Setting the Request Timeout

Set the Request Timeout of Ads greater than the default Timeout of 20 seconds.
Note: The minimum Request Timeout is 20 seconds; setting a lower value will default to 20 seconds.

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Manual Caching

To have greater control over Ad Display, use the Manual Caching and displaying. This method disables Auto refresh property. To cache an Ad with Orientation use the cacheAd WithOrientation method from Required__Orientation_From_Enum VMaxAdOrientation.

On Successful caching the following delegate will be called. Note that at this point the Ad is cached in the background and not visible to user. To make Ad visible, call showAd.

Request Native ad using cache + show API

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On caching success, onAdReady delegate is triggered after which developer is expected to call showAd.

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Request Native ad using managed show API

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Knowing Ad States

Customizable Ad Properties

Possible Values

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