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Requesting Rewarded Interstitial – iOS SDK

1. Initialising VMaxAdSDK

it is mandatory to initialise the newly introduced VMaxAdSDK. This needs to be done as early as possible in the application lifecycle. The VMaxAdSDK asynchronously gratifies rewards via the VMaxAdSDKDelegate. Thus it is necessary to conform to the VMaxAdSDKDelegate protocol to receive rewards and further gratify users of your app. Attempt to request rewarded interstitial ads only on successful initialization of the VMaxAdSDK.

Objective C

2. Adding Firebase dependencies

You are also required to add Firebase dependencies to your project. You can download them from Firebase’ official site or add them from the VMAX iOS SDK zip file by dragging & dropping them into your Xcode project.
The following files & frameworks are required:

  • FirebaseAnalytics.framework
  • FirebaseCore.framework
  • FirebaseInstanceID.framework
  • GoogleInterchangeUtilities.framework
  • GoogleSymbolUtilities.framework
  • GoogleToolboxForMac.framework
  • FirebaseAuth.framework
  • GTMSessionFetcher.framework
  • FirebaseDatabase.framework
  • Firebase.h

Requesting Rewarded Interstitial ads

After completing the prerequisites to request rewarded interstitial ads, you are required to initialise an adview with the initWithRewardedInterstitialAdspotID:viewController:withAdUXType initializer. Do not attempt to initialise using the standard initWithAdspotID:viewController:withAdUXType initializer as it will have adverse effects and result in ad failure.

Create an instance of the VMaxAdView and conform to the delegate.

Creating the Ad View

Objective CSwift


From SDK Version 3.6.10 and onwards there are some delegate changes.

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