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AdMob Integration using Android SDK

Latest Google Play Services Ads Library Supported.

Supported Ad Formats: The VMAX SDK supports Admob Native Advanced Ads . Considering discontinuation ( of AdMob Express ads we have removed the support for the same.

You will need

  1. an active AdMob account
  2. Ad unit ID
  3. Refresh Token

In your AdMob Account

To find the ad unit ID, click the Monetize tab. Select an app from the list of apps in the sidebar. The ad unit ID is listed below the ad unit name.

Read more on how to get your refresh token here.

Further Integration

Step 1: The AdMob adapters are a part of the VMAX base SDK but you need to add Google Mobile Ads library to Your Project as mentioned.

Step 2: Add the accompanying code inside the <application> tag in AndroidManifest.xml

Step 3: Add the following permissions to AndroidManifest.xml


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