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Requesting Rewarded Video Incent Ads – Windows Phone 8.1 SDK

VMAX also supports video ads with incent provision. These are video ads which on view completion will provide some virtual currency to users.
Vmax SDK supports wallet management to maintain walletElements also known as currency name which stores respective currency amount or total reward amount. And provides provision of getting total virtual currency, spending virtual currency, awarding virtual currency.

Below snippet shows the example of requesting Vast MarkUp Ads

Initialize the adview object

Initialize wallet object

Rewarded Video

Set custom data for rewarded video if required, as following
Set the following flags of the rewarded video to true or false as per your need to show different popups
Set the texts for pre, post, interrupted and capping popups texts
Set the necessary event handlers
This is the most important API you need to call once initialization has been done
Now you can call CacheAd() or LoadAd()according to your need
If you need to award currency, use AwardVirtualCurrency API. It takes long value as input parameter
If you need to spend the currency, use SpendVirtualCurrency API. It takes long value as input parameter
To get the currency for an WalletElement use GetVirtualCurrency

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