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Requesting In-Stream Video Ads – iOS SDK

In-Stream Video Ads is a video ad format that can be used to display video ads in a video ad player. These can be either pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads or post-roll ads. Currently, we support demand from Google’s Interactive Media Ads (IMA) & InMobi.

The VMAX in-stream video ad implementation simplifies the display of in-stream video ads by rendering ads in the host app seamlessly whilst also allowing customisation.

Requesting In-Stream Video Ads

Objective CSwift


If you would like to customise the look and feel of the controls for in-stream video ads to match those of your app, you may do so by providing customisations on the VMaxVideoAd instance.

Objective CSwift


There are a few API’s to note when implementing in-stream video ads as follows



Objective CSwift


From SDK Version 3.6.10 and onwards there are some delegate changes.

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