Simplifying your lives with support that speaks your language

VMAX product support that speaks your language

Any product or service that promises to simplify lives of its users, must definitely have a critical aspect taken care of: product or technical support. Support should start right from the moment you’ve signed up and continue throughout your journey as a user of that product or service.

With the VMAX™ platform, our singular aim has been to make life simpler for the app publisher. Naturally, this holds true even for our service and support that comes in right from the time you sign up with the platform.

Today, where a lot of products and services are Internet-enabled or digital, much of the product or technical support is email or chat-based. Since majority of the platforms are global, the support is usually a centralized team based out of the headquarters or bot-based chat systems.

In our conversations with our app publisher friends, they have frequently talked about how this global support approach has been a major pain-point in their app journey. So we decided to make it better and more personalized.

With VMAX™, you have a dedicated account manager and a local product/technical support team which speaks your language. Our support is with you from the moment you sign up, helping you understand how the platform works, thus making it easier for you to adopt and start using it. Our onboarding Jetpack ensures your app monetization journey with VMAX™ takes off smoothly.

Moreover, with a support team that speaks your language, getting the message across to us much faster, and since the team understands the nuances of your local environments, they understand your issues or queries better. The end result – problem resolution is much faster.

A dedicated account manager means we are always on our feet when it comes to you and account managers can monitor your app monetization and suggest tweaks or course corrections to help you make the most of it. Furthermore, the product/technical support team is readily available to assist you with integration of the SDK or any other platform related queries that you may have.

We love the app publisher ecosystem and we see ourselves as an equal partner to you in your journey to simplify the lives of your consumers with your apps. So, whether you are a budding or an established app publisher, we provide the same level of dedicated, local support to assist and simplify your life.

So if you haven’t started using VMAX™ yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up now.