Monetizing your iOS apps is now easier with VMAX SDK support for Swift

VMAX SDK for Swift

For many years, Objective-C has been the way to go for iOS app developers. Then there was Unity too. That is until Swift arrived on the scene, and now app developers have greater freedom to go with the language of their choice for creating iOS apps.

VMAX™ is also about giving app developers the control to choose. Therefore, our latest update to the VMAX SDK for iOS adds support for Swift, enabling developers to go with the language of their choice for monetizing their app – whether it is Objective-C, Unity or Swift.

Here’s an example how the code would look like when integrating our SDK for iOS with your app:

func adViewDidCacheAd(theAdView: VMaxAdView!) {
// Called when cacheAd method is called on VMaxAdSDK and the Ad is cached in background.
// Call showAd method to display the cached Ad in the ad spot.

The added support for Swift means for those developers who have been using this language for building their apps, monetizing their app with VMAX now becomes easier as they can now integrate our SDK for iOS using Swift. However, for those who have built their apps using Objective-C or Unity, nothing changes. You can still monetize your apps with VMAX as we continue to support these languages.

If you have an iOS app built using Swift, download the updated iOS SDK and get started For more information, you can refer to our detailed documentation on how to integrate the VMAX SDK for iOS.

If you wish to know more about Swift, here’s some additional information for you.

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