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Requesting Frame Ads – Windows Phone 8 SDK

Frame Ads can be associated with an interstitial adspot in VMAX.

Prerequisites for Frame Ads

  • Design dimensions
    • Inner Dimensions for Potrait: 320 x 480
    • Outer Dimensions for Potrait: 400 x 560
    • Inner Dimensions for Landscape: 480 x 320
    • Outer Dimensions for Landscape: 560 x 400
  • Frame should be opaque inside with any color (black recommended) up to inner dimensions mentioned above.
  • Frame should be equally distributed outside 40 pixel each side so as to satisfy outer dimensions mentioned above.
  • That 40 pixel area can consists of Frame border each side. If in case, Frame border is less than 40 pixels thick then the remaining pixels should be set as transparent.
  • One Close button is required with the dimensions 36 X 36.
  • All above three assets (Two Frames [portrait and landscape] and One Close button) should be placed in a folder named Frames which needs to be created in the Assets folder of your Windows phone 8 Project. (Refer the sample app for the folder structure.)
  • Naming Conventions of assets:
    Landscape Frame image should be named as “VMAX_Frame_Landscape”.[extension like png] Portrait Frame image should be named as “VMAX_Frame_Portrait”.[extension like png] 36 x 36 Close button image should be named as “VMAX_Close_Frame”.[extension like png]

To request a Frame Ads, Follow below example for reference:

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