Want greater engagement & retention for your mobile game? Think rewarded video ads

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If there’s one form of mobile advertising that really clicks with mobile gamers, it’s rewarded video ads. The ad type which rewards users with in-game currency or content for watching a video makes it very popular among mobile gamers. In fact, a recent report by Unity suggests that 46% of mobile game players today prefer viewing rewarded video content over any other ad type. 62% regularly choose to engage with a video ad for an in-game reward.

Driving user engagement & retention
Why are rewarded video ads gaining so much popularity? In a mobile game, players often get stuck at a particular level, or need just those few extra coins to make it to the next one or unlock a feature. Rewarded videos serve as the perfect aid for gamers in such situations, which is why today, more gamers are engaging with these ads.Ads for Mobile Games

Furthermore, these ads become such an inherent part of the game experience that they enhance the overall experience instead of affecting it. This is evident from the fact that 90% of the surveyed game publishers saw no effect on user retention after introducing rewarded video ads. On the contrary, 62% saw retention climb or stabilize on introducing rewarded video ads to an existing game. Users are more inclined to stay with the game as these ads let them unlock premium in-game content, thereby offering a more enriching gaming experience.

Increased revenue opportunities
52% of mobile game publishers identified video ads as the highest revenue generator per user compared to any other type of in-game advertising. This is because, firstly video ads are expensive compared to other ad formats. Secondly, the opt-in nature of these ads, coupled with the fact that they incentivize the user’s engagement means users are more likely to engage with the video ad till its completion. As a result, the eCPM for these ads is much higher, which further translates to greater ad revenue. However, to ensure that gamers find more value in these ads and don’t engage with them just for unlocking some in-game content, advertisers too are focusing on pushing relevant video ads to these users.

If you’re looking to drive more engagement and sessions for your mobile game, rewarded video ads can certainly help you do so. And while you’re at it, look for an app monetization platform that can bring you quality rewarded video ad content that your users will enjoy.

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