Showcase App of the Month: Warung Chain: Go Food Express

Warung Chain

That mobile gaming is a rage in Southeast Asia is a well-known fact. Probably after social media and communication if there is any activity that sees maximum time from Southeast Asian smartphone users, it is mobile gaming.

It’s no wonder that the region has a wide variety of good mobile games to offer. Warung Chain: Go Food Express by Touchten Games is one such game and it is our Showcase App of the Month.

The idea behind Warung Chain is simple. The user plays as a Warung (an Indonesian street food stall) owner whose aim is to serve delicious food to the customers. Loads of hungry customers line up at the shop and the objective is to serve them tasty food, as fast as possible. As the game progresses, the number of customers goes up making it more challenging to serve food in time.

The Warung owner can also set up shop in new locations such as tourist destinations in Indonesia which are unlocked as new levels as the user achieves an objective.

Today, there are a variety of mobile games based on the concept of a food stall or a food truck. However, what makes Warung Chain so immensely popular in Indonesia is how well they have localized this concept to showcase the local culture. The game showcases Indonesian cuisine with dishes such as bakso, martabak, ayam goreng, and nasi bali giving both local and international players a taste of Indonesian food culture.

This is also why Warung Chain: Go Food Express is our Showcase App of the month.

Available on: Android and iOS

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