App Chronicles: Adventures of an UnderDOG

VMAX App Chronicles: Adventures of an UnderDOG

Euro 2016 might be best remembered for the nail-biting final match between Portugal and France, which saw the former take home the coveted trophy. But that’s not all that it will be remembered for. Right?

There was a team this year, that defied convention, went beyond expectations and surprised everyone by taking on some of the giants of the sport. A David vs Goliath if you will. That team was Iceland. It may not have won the cup, may not have even made it to the final, but it won hearts and showed everyone what it was capable of.

This underdog of football may not have hit its goal yet, but there is another underdog who is realizing his dream every day.

The first film from Season 1 of App Chronicles looks at the life of Mumbai-based app entrepreneur, Vaibhav Chavan, who grew up in an era where the industry had just scratched the surface of the mobile gaming iceberg.

His resolve, his love for mobile gaming and his entrepreneurial attitude saw him battle all odds and set up a mobile game studio UnderDOGS at just 26 years of age. This is the story of Vaibhav who is truly an inspiration for many budding app entrepreneurs.

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