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App Chronicles: Bhai-nocular vision of the Indian app industry

VMAX App Chronicles Bhai-nocular vision of the Indian app industry

History has proven that a startup with two co-founders at helm, always goes a long way. Google is a shining example. These startups succeed because of the balance that two co-founders bring to the organization. This is the story of two such co-founders who also happen to be brothers.

Pavan and Vijay Doddavala started with their careers as software professionals. However, as fate would have it, better job prospects took Vijay to the United States where he discovered the world of smartphones and smartphone apps. He discussed the idea with Pavan, back home and the two decided to start developing apps. Vijay had already found success with a photo-editing app for iOS and the duo decided to build their own startup.

Although the duo always had a vision to become entrepreneurs, the success of this app fueled the idea of becoming app entrepreneurs instead. Thus the idea of Outthinking Pvt. Ltd. took off. While Vijay developed the apps for iOS, Pavan focused his synergies on the Android platform. The duo was joined by cousin Yogi Doddavala, and together the brothers built a self-sustaining startup in just 6 months.

Outthinking directed all its focus on the India’s growing app user base and today can boast of being one of the biggest photo-editing app publishers in the country with over 170 million downloads. We’ve often come across stories of successful brothers in sports, or movies where they defeat their arch nemesis. However, here’s a story of how two brothers went on to build a very successful app startup that can be an inspiration for many. Watch the second film in the series here:

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