App Chronicles: Salaam-e-Risk

VMAX App Chronicles Salaam-e-Risk

India is a country of farmers. Through generations, most of them have focused on farming, but among these gems, there are some who dream of doing something different. They take the same values of hard work, determination and grit that they’ve inculcated, apply them to what they love and shine even brighter.

One such man, is Narasimha Reddy, a farmer’s son from Andhra Pradesh. Narasimha is of the belief that if people can build farms on their mobile phones, why can’t a farmer’s son build apps for mobile.

His first love was computers and that made him passionate about technology. This love for computers saw him earn his engineering degree on the back of a scholarship. From thereon, he started off by developing applications for Apple’s Mac OS platform. His humble background and his risk-taking nature made Narasimha, extremely hard working and resilient.

While the world was coming to terms with developing apps for Apple’s first iPhone, Narasimha had already figured out how to create apps for it using the Mac OS platform. He then embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and in 2010, Narasimha set up Dumadu Games. Not the one to be scared of taking risk, Narasimha started his app startup with the help of his family and a few friends, instead of going down the VC route.

Today he runs a successful mobile game startup that has many titles to its name and bragging rights to millions of game downloads. Despite his humble beginnings, his risk-taking attitude has seen him achieve app entrepreneurship glory. Watch Narasimha’s inspiring story of his trials and tribulations in the third film in the App Chronicles series.


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