App Chronicles: The Bengaluru ‘App’rising

VMAX App Chronicles The Bengaluru AppRising

This is the story of a school teacher’s son who grew up on the patriotic stories of revolutionary freedom fighters such as Bhagat Singh. These stories inspired him and taught him the value of freedom. However, it’s his love for gaming that always inspired him to explore the world of mobile gaming. 

Driven by his inherent belief in freedom and the love for mobile gaming, he dreamt of taking the app entrepreneurship path. The path he chose to tread on was not an easy one. Armed with learnings from his past jobs with some of India’s leading mobile gaming companies, his grit and determination, Vijayaprakash Rangappa, defied all odds and started Mobi2Fun, a mobile game development company in 2009. As Founder & CEO, Vijay commandeered his Mobi2Fun unit and found comrades in the form of Chandrasekhar, CTO and Anand Gopalakrishnan, Director & Chief Content Officer. 

Together, the trio put all their heart into creating mobile games that always struck a chord among Indians. Mobi2Fun started off with Java-based mobile games and found great success. Riding on this success the company quickly ramped up to making mobile games on the Android platform. Today, the company has over 80 titles, with over 50 million downloads and is making steady headway in the Indian app ecosystem. Watch this inspiring story of how one man, driven by his revolutionary beliefs, his love for the country and apps, has come to build one of the most successful game development startups in the country.


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