App Chronicles: Gaming Bachchon ka Khel Nahi Hai

VMAX App Chronicles Gaming Bachchon ka Khel Nahi Hai

At 14, most of us would be found glued to our computers or gaming consoles playing video games. Not Nikhil Malankar and Prasad Kajarekar though. While most of us dreamt of acquiring the next popular gaming title in the market, these young boys dreamt of building one. It was sometime during their 9th grade school year when creating a video game struck them.

At 19, they went on to establish their own mobile game development studio GameEon, with Nikhil as the Chief Executive Officer and Prasad as the Chief Operating Officer. With Taral Patel (Chief Business Officer) and Amol Mody (Business Development Manager) on board, GameEon powered ahead.

While their parents and friends were initially skeptical, Nikhil and Prasad continued undeterred and today, GameEon has a few successful titles to its name. They have now earned the support and a fair bit of success but have a long way to go. Watch the story of GameEon’s journey from a childhood dream to a mobile game startup and support them in their quest to achieve success with their app entrepreneurship.


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