For your catalog games & apps: No extra effort but more ad revenue with Wrapper

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So you have a catalog of apps and games that you want to monetize. What if you could do so, with no extra effort and yet earn more ad revenue? Presenting Wrapper 1.0.1 for Android, a one-click monetization tool that brings you launch and exit video and interstitial ads to enhance your monetization.

As an app publisher, we understand that you are constantly strapped for time and working on new projects. Therefore with Wrapper, we give you the power to monetize your existing catalogue of games and apps with a single click. You can integrate these ads into your app without having to access the app code and start reaping the benefits of your app monetization immediately.

Wrapper working its magic
Wrapper is a desktop-based offline tool that injects the necessary code for creating both video or interstitial ad spots at the launch or exit of an app, depending on how you want them to appear. Here’s how it works:

  1. Since it is an offline tool, you don’t need to upload your .apk file online, thereby enabling you to monetize securely
  2. You can choose to monetize an app or bunch of apps by simply dragging and dropping them onto the Wrapper control panel
  3. You can have ads appear either at the launch or exit or both
  4. You can choose the ad partners that you want integrate with
  5. One click and you are ready to go

Despite being such a lightweight, quick and easy-to-use tool, Wrapper, gives you access to all ad partners on VMAX offering launch and exit video and interstitial ads. To ensure that it complies with Google’s app policies, it also offers the ability to have a text or image-based animation of your choice appear at launch or exit, while the ad loads, so that the user is made aware of the loading ad and the app usage experience is not hampered. You also don’t have to worry about updates because even though Wrapper is an offline tool, it automatically updates whenever connected to the Internet.

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to monetize your app, choose Wrapper and take charge of your app monetization.To know more about Wrapper, click here.

Download the Wrapper for Android here and get started. For detailed documentation on how Wrapper works, click here. In case of any queries, you can write to us at

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