The new VMAX™ Control Panel enhancements make it easier to create an adspot

VMAX Control Panel create an Adspot

A lot of what we do at VMAX involves taking your valuable feedback into consideration when introducing new features and enhancements to our platform. The VMAX™ Control Panel is aimed at giving you greater control over your app monetization.

However, when our customers told us about the features they would like to see, we saw a potential opportunity to enhance the VMAX™ Control Panel. For instance, creating an adspot is now easier with the new Control Panel enhancements.

Once logged into the Control Panel, head over the Adspots tab. Here’s how you can go about creating an adspot:

  • You start by choosing the OS platform on which your app runs – Android, iOS or Windows and you get access to all the ad types available on that platform
  • Choose the ad type that best suits your app experience. Whether it is banner, interstitial or interstitial video, offer wall, rewarded video, native or pre-roll, you now have greater control to choose the ad type that helps achieve better user engagement with your app
  • In the next step, you can associate this adspot with a new app or choose from your existing list of apps on the Control Panel. When an adspot is associated with a new app, the app goes for verification to ensure that it is correctly categorized
  • Choose the ad networks based on your ad type and app content requirements and you can add network credentials at this stage itself thus simplifying the process even further

Once you have successfully created an adspot, you can download the SDK for your app based on its OS platform. Integrate the SDK with your app and you can start monetizing. For more details, you can refer to our detailed documentation on creating an adspot.

So log into to the VMAX™ Control Panel and take charge of your app monetization.

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