How a gaming app brings the passion of dancing to the virtual world and back to the real world

Showcase App of the Month - Avatar Musik featured

How would you like it if the real world experience of getting together with friends and going dancing at a club or a party could be brought to your smartphone? Turns out, it works really well for people, as proven by this popular dance-based gaming app Avatar Musik. The app is a rage across Vietnam and its popularity today has spread beyond to countries such as Indonesia, United States and Brazil.

As a mobile gaming app, Avatar Musik is uber cool. People can create their virtual profiles or avatars and become a part of a virtual city called Avatar Musik city. They can customize their profile with different looks, choice of clothes, accessories, head gear and more. They can even get their virtual profiles to match their real-world looks as closely as possible. With this profile, they can participate in dance competitions held at different locations such as night clubs, pool parties, gyms within the virtual city. Through Avatar Musik, the publisher Teamobi brings the real-world experience of dancing to the virtual world.

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A gaming experience that goes beyond the virtual world

Its unique gaming experience makes it so popular that today, Avatar Musik has a large community of gamers from Vietnam and other parts of the world. The game has become so popular in the virtual world, that it encouraged Teamobi to take the game experience to its community in the real world. Community members come together, engage with each other, and participate in dance competitions as they would in the game. It is also not uncommon to find them dressed as their in-game Avatars at these events.

A testament of the game’s increasing popularity and its fast growing community is the fact that their recent event, Offline Teamobi 2016, saw participation from over 3000 gamers. It is interesting to see how with these events as an extension of the game, Avatar Musik is bringing the real and virtual world together.

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Its focus on aspects such as in-game interactions, game balance, tapping into the gamer’s pulse and community building makes Avatar Musik our Showcase App of the Month. Avatar Musik can pave the way for an online to offline revolution, especially in countries such as India, where people are extremely passionate about music and dance. It’s not about how or why, but just a matter of when! What do you think? Will we see Bollywood songs bundled into a Karaoke app soon in India?

Available on: Android and iOS

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