VMAX™ launches ‘Developer’s Compass to the App Galaxy’ – The first of its kind playbook for winning in the Indian apponomy


Provides app developers and entrepreneurs useful insights, best practices, tips & tricks on app design, development, distribution, marketing, and monetization

Mumbai, 18th November 2016: VMAX™, the leading app monetization platform in India & Southeast Asia, today launched ‘Developer’s Compass to the App Galaxy’, the first of its kind playbook for app developers and entrepreneurs in India. The playbook is a detailed guide for app developers and entrepreneurs that touches upon the different stages of an app lifecycle ranging from app idea conceptualization, marketplace strategy, design & development, distribution, marketing and monetization. It aims to help app developers and entrepreneurs navigate through the complexities of the app ecosystem through several actionable insights on app marketing, user engagement & retention and most importantly monetization.

According to the ‘Developer’s Compass to the App Galaxy’, India’s appetite for smartphone adoption continues to grow as smartphone numbers are expected to hit an estimated 204 million in 2016, making India the second largest smartphone market globally1. This development will have a significant impact on the already robust App Market in India.

Key Highlights from the ‘Developer’s Compass to the App Galaxy’:

  • The Android OS platform dominates the Indian market with 94% contribution in terms of smartphone web traffic2
  • Over 4.35 billion apps downloaded by Indian Android users from Google Play Store between April 2015 and March 2016
  • In India, apps constitute 72% of the total downloads while games make up for the remaining 28%
  • India has over 2,07,706 publishers on Google Play Store, with an average of 2.4 apps per publisher as of March 2016
  • ‘Business’ apps rank the highest among all app genres in terms of number of developers publishing apps on Google Play Store3
  • Mobile advertising contributed 84% of the total Indian app economy revenue in 20154

Pranab Punj, Vice President – Global Marketing, VMAX™
said, “The Indian app ecosystem has seen tremendous growth over the last few years, giving rise to a robust app developer community. Today, we are pleased to launch ‘Developer’s Compass to the App Galaxy’, the first of its kind playbook for app developers and entrepreneurs in India. The playbook serves as a handy guide for app developers and covers all aspects of an app’s journey right from an idea to a flourishing app business. It is developed with insights from Nielsen Smartphone Panel, Priori Data as well as several eminent industry experts. The playbook is designed to assist not only app developers and entrepreneurs, but also anyone who is part of the Indian Apponomy.”

You can download the full report here.

Testimonials for the ‘Developer’s Compass to the App Galaxy’

“This book is an ocean of insights and best practices that will go a long way in helping budding app developers get started with their journey. A must read for app developers in India.” – Manish Agarwal, CEO, Nazara Technologies

“Such a plethora of interesting insights and statistics! I am sure app developers will find this book very helpful, no matter what stage of their app business journey they are at. I highly recommend Indian app developers to give this book a read.” – Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, GOQii

“This is the most comprehensive App Growth Guide I have come across ever. Extensive research and key data points will help developers in better planning. Android App developers should treat this as a bible and refer to it at every stage of their App Growth.” – Deepak Abbot, Senior VP – Product Growth, Paytm

“The book is a treasure trove of data, it packs in stats, key insights & guides from prominent industry leaders and introduction of tools which will accelerate new developers onboarding into the ecosystem.” – Ravi Vyas, Founder & CEO, PureMetrics

Here’s a snapshot of the ‘Developer’s Compass to the App Galaxy’, in the form of an interesting infographic.



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