What industry experts are saying about the Developer’s Compass to the App Galaxy


Last week saw the launch of our Developer’s Compass to the App Galaxy – a playbook to help app developers win in the Indian Apponomy (app ecosystem). Since its launch, the playbook has earned praise and accolades from all quarters of the industry.

Not just app developers whom the playbook was put together for, but also industry leaders and experts have recommended the playbook as a comprehensive repository of in-depth insights, best practices and tips & tricks that can help app developers at various stages of their app’s lifecycle.
Here’s what they had to say:



Manish Agarwal – CEO, Nazara Technologies“This book is an ocean of insights and best practices that will go a long way in helping budding app developers get started with their journey. A must read for app developers in India.”


Deepak Abbot – Senior VP – Product Growth, Paytm“This is the most comprehensive App Growth Guide I have come across ever. Extensive research and key data points will help developers in better planning. Android App developers should treat this as a bible and refer to it at every stage of their App Growth.”


Vishal Gondal – Founder & CEO, GOQii“Such a plethora of interesting insights and statistics! I am sure app developers will find this book very helpful, no matter what stage of their app business journey they are at. I highly recommend Indian app developers to give this book a read.“


Mohit Vijay  – Product & Strategy Consultant, Reverie Language Technologies
“This is one of the most comprehensive playbooks that I have come across, and its nice to go through interesting facts & insights. Totally liked the depth & breadth of content, and will definitely share with all the android developers in my network.”


Ravi Vyas – Founder & CEO, PureMetrics
“The book is a treasure trove of data, it packs in stats, key insights & guides from prominent industry leaders and introduction of tools which will accelerate new developers onboarding into the ecosystem.“


To know why theDeveloper’s Compass to the App Galaxy is earning all this praise, download the playbook now..

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