The framework for designing great apps


Out there is a universe of apps, millions of them and yet we resonate with only a few. Most of them either get lost in the galaxies of randomness or die in a quick supernova, one-show burst. There must be something or a force that keeps the percentage of success so dauntingly far out of reach. Is it sleek UX/UI or great engineering? In my view, creating an app is not just a matter of wireframes and coding.There is much more to it and it starts before the act of creation itself.

For success to manifest, it needs a framework that channels creative energies into the desired output. So instead of just tips & tricks, here is a simple and effective framework that will help achieve some delta in world of app creation.



Dean Gonsalves, VP – Design, Robosoft Technologies

Intent is the underlying cause of creation, giving purpose to form and function; and design is a medium to render that Intent. If the intent is clear, focused and well-expressed, it will have a positive impact on design which in turn, will have a cascading effect on everything inclusive of your app. “Design is rendering intent” is a profound statement to ponder on. Notice a well designed product and you can trace it back to a strong and well-articulated intent…

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The author is Dean Gonsalves, VP – Design, Robosoft Technologies

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