Get more creative with your photo uploads with Giddylizer


One of the most popular genres of apps, worldwide, are photo & video editing apps. While apps such as Instagram made ‘filters’ trendy for images, today the likes of Snapchat are redefining how people create and share videos. In fact, according to an App Annie report, Photography as a category was second only to Tools in Google Play Store in Thailand in 2015 and grew at a rate of 25% year on year.

Giddylizer is one such photo editing app by Bangkok based app publisher Volevi, which is making waves in the Thailand app ecosystem. Instagram is pretty big in this region and Giddylizer helps users get more creative with the pictures that they upload on Instagram. What makes Giddylizer so famous among Thai app users is its simple interface that gives them access to a variety of unique photo editing options.

With Giddylizer, users can add notification stickers and messages to their photos. Users can also create their own custom notification stickers and emojis that can be overlaid on their photos. Besides these, the app offers traditional photo editing features.

giddylizer-1 giddylizer-2 giddylizer-3

Once they’ve created an image with custom stickers, users can share these images on their social media profile. The app also gives the user access to the Giddylizer community where they can share their pictures on the app’s Instagram page.

Giddylizer is our Showcase App of the Month.

Available on: Android and iOS

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