More ad revenue opportunities for you with the new VMAX SDK update


You asked for it, we delivered. We’ve got a massive update for the VMAX SDK rolling out today. The new 3.6 update that releases today brings a slew of features and optimizations that you wanted to see in your preferred app monetization platform. This means ads that load faster, bug fixes and a more stable SDK.

All this is aimed at one and one thing only: simplifying your life as an app publisher. Here’s what you get with the new VMAX 3.6 SDK update:

  1. Improved ad analytics for your app
    • True impressions for your ad – ad impressions are only counted when they appear in the viewable part of the user’s device screen
    • User driven ad impressions – ad plays with sound only on user action or if in full screen (content stream video ads)
    • Accurate ad analytics – VMAX now supports only app-based traffic


  2. An all new ad type – Rewarded Interstitials
    • The best of both worlds – Incent and Interstitial mobile ads
    • Accurate value realization – user rewarded with incentive only after actual engagement goals are complete


  3. Enhanced error reporting
    • New error codes – Every ad network has its own non-standard error codes which make understanding and diagnosing an issue quite tedious for app developers. Standardized error codes with the new update make debugging easier
    • Smart error codes – Problem resolution made easier with built-in VMAX error codes in case of no error codes from the ad network


  4. Improved security, simpler app permissions
    • Only ‘Access Network State’ and ‘Internet’ app permissions required for Android SDK integration


  5. Updated mediation partner adapters
    • Increased mediation partner support in VMAX SDK. Updated networks include:
      • InMobi (6.0.4), Vungle (4.0.3), Chartboost (6.6.1), Pokkt (5.0), AdColony (3.0.5), Tapjoy (11.9.0) and Millennial Media (6.3.1) for Android.
      • Vungle (4.0.8), Pokkt (5.0), Chartboost (6.5.2), AdColony (3.0.5), Flurry (7.8.1), Tapjoy (11.9.1) and Admob (7.16) for iOS
    • All the big fixes, patches and updates from these partners will now be available with the updated VMAX SDK


  6. Added support for non-standard but widely used HTML ads thus ensuring that you get access to all the variety of ads and increase your revenue opportunity
  7. Increased rewarded video ad support – End card with call to action support for rewarded video ads

Go ahead and download the updated VMAX 3.6 SDK for your OS platform now. You can find detailed documentation on integrating the SDK for Android and iOS here. For those upgrading to the latest version you can refer to our detailed upgrade guides for Android and for iOS.

In case you have any queries you can write to us at

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