Deliver an enhanced ad experience with Rewarded Interstitial ads


There’s something bigger that we are bringing with the new VMAX 3.6 SDK update. Although we’ve made significant enhancements to the SDK itself, we are delighted to introduce an all new ad type to you – Rewarded Interstitials ads.

Rewarded video ads have been working wonders for you and interstitial ads are traditionally known to deliver great results. Publishers and users love them alike. In fact according to Unity, mobile gamers give 46% preference to rewarded video ads, as opposed to 20% for banner ads. On the other hand, at the end of Q4 2016, interstitial ads some 700% more engagement when compared to banner ads, with a CTR of 3.56%.

With Rewarded Interstitial ads, we are combining the power of these two ad types to create more opportunities for you to engage your app users, which further translates to increase in ad revenue. Rewarded Interstitial works in two ways: one, it enhances the overall ad experience for the user by incentivizing with in-game currency or content.

Two, it brings greater value with interstitial ads for you. For instance, if users can earn 50 coins a game by clicking on an ad for installing an app, the coins are added to the in-game account only after the app is installed on the user’s device, even if the user exits the game and comes back to it the next day.

This means that you can be rest assured that you will make the revenue from the ad as the engagement is now strongly tied to the monetization goals.

Besides the new ad type, the update also adds increased support for rewarded video ads with an end card for rewarded video ads. This means that for instance, a video ad for a new car will end with a card that prompts the user to register for a test drive. This type of an ad which invokes a strong call-to-action is known to be a high paying ad format.

Rewarded video ads already present a high engagement-high revenue opportunity for you. Now, our new ad type ensures that your app user engagement game can be on point, thus increasing your chances to earn more ad revenue.

What are you waiting for then? Go ahead and download the updated VMAX 3.6 SDK for your OS platform now.

In case you have any queries you can write to us at You can also find detailed documentation on these updates here.

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