Introducing the VMAX Super-Ant, our brand mascot

Vmax Super Ant

Ants are one of the most amazing creatures we’ve ever come across. What makes them so interesting is the ability to lift 10 times their weight and move forward effortlessly. They also have a huge role to play in the earth’s natural ecosystem where they enrich the soil, pollinate flowers and spread seeds thus helping maintain the ecological balance.

More importantly, ants symbolize singular focus and collaboration, as every ant in a colony of ants works in a concerted effort towards a single goal: ensuring that the community thrives.

This is also the core of VMAX. The VMAX platform is a combination of many such ants. Be it our Engineers, Product Managers, Business Development teams or even Marketing, each one of us is like an ant in a community working towards a singular goal: delivering 10x better outcomes for our app publisher partners.

So when we thought of choosing an identity for VMAX, an ant would only be a fitting mascot. However, not just any ant, but one with some unique superpowers. Superpowers that make it an app publisher’s best friend and help simplify app monetization for them.

Introducing the VMAX Super-Ant: Max. Max is a young, spirited Super-Ant that works smartly and tirelessly towards one goal: helping you, the app publishers, take charge!

Vmax Super Ant Features


  • Eye: His one eye gives the VMAX Super-Ant a unified vision of the vast app monetization ecosystem in India & Southeast Asia. He works with a singular focus to bring you the best ad partners and the most engaging ads that he can find.
  • Smile: Your best friend, the VMAX Super-Ant speaks your language and is always out to ensure that all your app monetization challenges are resolved, your app yield is maximized, and he does so with a smile.
  • V logo: The ‘V’ on his chest is a symbol of passion and robustness. The VMAX Super-Ant is extremely passionate about simplifying app monetization for you and the growth of your app business.
  • Cape: The yellow cape gives the VMAX Super-Ant lightning fast speed to help take your app revenue higher.
  • Boots: His deep blue boots tell us that he is adventurous and always exploring, never stagnating. This reflects how quickly the VMAX platform moves and stays ahead of the curve.


VMAX is the heart of this Super-Ant and wherever he goes, he takes the passionate and friendly soul of VMAX with him. Wherever VMAX is, the VMAX Super-Ant will be there for you, helping you take charge of your app monetization and making your life simpler.