Get a deeper understanding of your app monetization with our enhanced analytics


Our latest update to the VMAX SDK is aimed at multiple things. While it brings many new features, it also includes a lot of enhancements that you asked for. Many of them are aimed at giving you greater control over your app monetization.

This means that you now get a more accurate understanding of your app monetization than before, arming you with all the right insights required make tweaks and changes that result in more ad revenue for you.

Here are a few enhancements that we have made along the way with the new VMAX SDK.

  1. Improved analytics for the ads in your app
    Impressions are a great way to measure the success of ads in your app, however, with the new update measuring ad impressions becomes even more accurate. The new SDK enhancements bring better viewability analytics and here’s how it works:Traditionally, every time an ad is loaded, it would be counted as an impression, even if it is not in the viewable region of the user’s smartphone screen. With the new enhancements, an ad impression is counted only when ad appears on the viewable part of the screen.In case of a video ad, traditionally, the ad would load somewhere down the app page and start playing automatically with sound. With the new update, the video ad loads only when the ad is in the viewable area of the screen and starts autoplaying on mute. It is counted as an impression only a few seconds after the ad has started playingThis gives you a true impression data for your ads. The data is more accurate and the insights are more useful. You can derive the true value of your app’s monetization. On the other hand, it also leads to a premium user experience as the impressions are now user driven, and there are no unwanted sounds or ads loading unless triggered by the user’s action. Furthermore, as VMAX now only supports smartphone app-based traffic, analytics are more accurate than before.
  2. Enhanced error reporting and analytics
    A big challenge that app developers often face is the non-standard error codes from ad networks. Every ad network has its own error codes which make understanding and diagnosing an issue quite tedious for app developers.With the new update, if you get an error code that you do not understand, the VMAX SDK will display a corresponding but supplementary error code that exactly tells you what the issue is. Even if there is an issue and there is no error code from the ad network, the VMAX SDK will smartly diagnose it and provide you with an error code that helps you take the appropriate corrective action.

Go ahead and download the updated VMAX SDK for your OS platform now.

In case you have any queries you can write to us at You can also find detailed documentation on these updates here.

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