Your app monetization is now even more secure with the latest VMAX SDK


We recently dropped the latest VMAX SDK. While we have already talked about all the great features and enhancements it brings to you, we are drilling down deeper into the security enhancements that come along with it.

With the new SDK update, we have put a few anti-fraud measures in place, which ensure that only those apps which are linked to VMAX on the Control Panel and have integrated the VMAX SDK, will be served ads.

The new SDK update also makes app permissions simpler for you. Integrating the VMAX SDK requires only the ‘Access Network State’ and ‘Internet’ permissions. This means that your app users will not be asked to set any extra app permissions when installing your app, thereby ensuring a seamless user experience.

Go ahead and download the updated VMAX SDK for your OS platform now. In case you have any queries you can write to us at You can also find detailed documentation on these updates here.

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