This strategy game by Thudo Multimedia is conquering the hearts of mobile gamers across Vietnam


In a country where over a third of the population consists of smartphone users, it does not come as a surprise that mobile gaming is a big deal in Vietnam. No wonder the country saw over 660 million mobile game downloads on Google Play Store between April 2016 and April 2017. Be it any genre, Casual, Arcade, Action or Strategy, Vietnamese smartphone users love their mobile games.

One such mobile game that has been receiving a lot of love lately from the country’s mobile gaming population is Immortal Legion, by one of the Vietnam’s biggest mobile game studios, Thudo Multimedia. Launched this year, the Strategy game is already making waves across the country, gaining tremendous popularity among Vietnamese mobile gamers.

What makes this strategy game so interesting is its rich graphics, an intuitive user interface and a challenging multi-player environment. You play a Roman commander whose task is to develop an army. The only way to win is to defeat your enemies and expand your army. Play solo missions or go up against other players from around the world.


Immortal Legion keeps it interesting with over 27 different types of army units to build. Every unit has its own unique and specific role and unlocks new conquests for the players each time they win. Its immersive gameplay, interesting in-game features and a fresh take on strategy game genre is what makes Immortal Legion our Showcase App of the Month.

Available on: Android and iOS

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