Your app monetization just got more simplified with these new VMAX Control Panel enhancements


As app publishers, your apps are at the core of everything you do. We understand this and so, our goal has always been to ensure that app monetization is simplified for you. Keeping this in mind, we have made some key enhancements to the VMAX Control Panel.

With many of these changes, you will find that the VMAX Control Panel now takes a more modular approach making all the functionalities a lot more accessible. You will find that everything on the Control Panel is now easier to navigate and can be accessed with fewer steps.

What’s new?

  1. The VMAX Control Panel now takes a more modular approach with every core component of the Control Panel, whether it is Apps, Adspots or Networks getting their own tabbed views. You will find that managing your app monetization now becomes more clutter-free as all the information and functionality on the Control Panel is now accessible in fewer steps.
  2. New users of the VMAX Control Panel will find a more app-centric approach to getting started with their app monetization. Monetising your app now starts with the app, its OS platform, the ad types that best suit your app experience, leading up to the adspots for your app.

What gets better?

  1. Programmatic ad sources have been set to ON at a global level to ensure that you continue to earn revenue from non-key audience segments from other geographies even after you have earned programmatic revenue from your core geographies. However, you still have the flexibility and control to set your programmatic ad source priorities at a country level.
  2. Enhanced ad source distribution that gives your Direct Deal ad sources first priority followed by third party sources such as programmatic and ad networks. Improved campaign pacing capabilities will also be available soon, giving you greater control over the delivery of direct deal campaigns.
  3. Ad network distribution has now been automated. Our proprietary algorithm intelligently distributes your ad inventory among ad networks based on their historical performance. This takes away a major hassle of you having to manually test the performance of every ad network on a trial basis and losing out on potential ad revenue.

All these changes are aimed at making your VMAX Control Panel experience a lot more seamless, simplified and clutter-free. This means that when you monetize your apps with VMAX, your app yield is maximized without taking your focus away from important things such as the growth and success of your app.

These new enhancements will be available to you the moment you log into the VMAX Control Panel. So login to experience simplified app monetization that helps you maximize your app yield.

We hope you find these enhancements valuable and in case you have any queries you can write to us at

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