How VTV Go is tapping into Vietnam’s Video on Demand (VOD) pulse


Vietnam is one of the fastest growing mobile ecosystems in Southeast Asia. More people in the country are turning to their smartphones for their everyday needs. For instance, a lot of the country’s television watching population is now also looking at Video on Demand (VOD) apps on smartphones to catch up on their favorite TV shows and movies.

Even Statista estimates suggest that Video-on-Demand revenue in Vietnam is expected to hit USD 13 million in 2017. It therefore comes as no surprise that VTV Go, the official live TV and VOD app of Vietnam Television is witnessing great traction among Vietnamese smartphone users.  In fact, as the country’s number 1 video OTT app, VTV Go today boasts of over 5 million active users in Vietnam and over 1 million active users from overseas.

The official live TV and VOD app from VTV, VTV Go gives its viewers access to a wide variety of exclusive content. What makes VTV Go so interesting is that it brings a familiar TV-like user experience to a VOD app, while adding a layer of some great VOD features. Just as one would find it on the television, VTV Go offers several ‘online channels’ with dedicated online shows and videos.

Many smartphone users today turn to their devices when they want to catch up on news. VTV Go takes advantage of this with a vast array of video news content. Users can watch news from across different categories such as Latest News, Sports, Entertainment, International and Feature Films.

Furthermore, VTV Go offers a high level of interactiveness where users can actually interact with the content offered by the app. Here’s how it works. VTV Go for instance has an afternoon show called “Bữa trưa vui vẻ” – Happy Lunch (in English) on VTV 6 channel where famous people or celebrities are invited. They sing, dance, talk and interact with the audience. The MC also asks them a series of questions. Here’s where users of the VTV Go app can send these celebrities a question or help them answer other questions via the app. They can even share these questions on Facebook.

For those who could not catch up on their favorite programs, VTV Go even lets users playback a month-old programs. To ensure that they don’t miss out on the programs they like to watch, users can set a calendar reminder on the app for the next 7 days based on the program schedule.

Users can also visit a vast repository of VTV’s featured programs and watch a specific show or a TV series. Where it truly brings personalization to the VOD experience is with My Warehouse that enables users to save their favorite TV shows and programs, create a collection and watch them later.

Its growing popularity, amazing VOD and personalization features is why VTV Go is our Showcase App of the Month. Besides Android, iOS and Windows, VTV Go is also available on Android TV, and Smart TVs from Sony, LG, Samsung and Toshiba.

Available on: Android and iOS

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