Knock off 50% of your SDK integration time with the VMAX Android Studio Plugin


Ad mediation works great for your app monetization as it enables you to maximize your ad revenue opportunities with campaigns from multiple ad networks. With VMAX, you get access to multiple ad networks with a single ad SDK for mediation. However, the challenge in partnering with multiple ad networks is that not all networks allow a server-to-server (S2S) integration. With many ad networks, you can only integrate with them by adding their ad SDK into your app.

Some of these networks require some data from your device to fetch ads. Many others have unique ad rendering capabilities that only work when your app has their ad SDK integrated. Then there are those ad networks whose business requirements require you to integrate their SDK into your app, if you want to fetch ads from them.

Although you get access to several ad networks via S2S with the single VMAX SDK, there are some important partners like Facebook Audience Network which requires you to import their ad SDKs into your app. Though you don’t need to have any understanding of the different ad network integration codes, configuring multiple ad networks is always a tedious effort because it requires you to get many things right. You have to manually add:

  • All dependencies (SDKs, libraries and adapters) of each ad network
  • Configure the AndroidManifest.xml file for every ad network
  • Add exceptions for every ad network to Proguard rules

This creates a room for mistakes and then a lot of time is spent in error resolution post setup.

VMAX now takes this hassle away for you by automating the process of importing and setting up these ad networks for mediation. Presenting the VMAX Android Studio Plugin Beta. This industry-first plugin is designed to reduce the time and effort required to configure multiple ad network SDKs with a few clicks. The plugin:

  1. Automatically imports all dependencies (adapters/SDKs) and third party dependencies (if any) for the selected ad networks
  2. Configures AndroidManifest.xml for all selected ad networks
  3. Configures Proguard to add required rules for all selected ad networks

However, it does not stop there. We have further eliminated the manual effort involved in importing the VMAX base SDK into your app project by automating this process via the VMAX Android Studio plugin. Use the plugin and it will automatically import all the dependencies for VMAX into your app project and configure the AndroidManifest.xml and Proguard for the VMAX SDK.

All that you need to do now is code in the necessary function calls to start pushing ads in your app. This means that just by using the VMAX Android Studio plugin, you can now bring down the time and effort to integrate ad networks by a massive 50%.

Furthermore, in our continuous efforts to simplify app monetization for you, we will be adding more functionality to the plugin in future. The plugin is currently available as a Beta. The VMAX Android Studio plugin comes bundled with the VMAX SDK. Alternatively, you can also download the plugin from the JetBrains repository. This means you can still enjoy the benefits that the plugin has to offer, irrespective of the path you choose for integration.

So what are you waiting for? Download the VMAX Android Studio plugin and take charge of your app monetization faster than ever before. In case you have any queries you can refer to our detailed documentation on the plugin or you can write to us at

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