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Ad Mediation – VMAX SDK for Android

VMAX™ offers mediation capability that lets you serve ads to your apps from multiple sources including the Third-party ad networks, Programmatic and Direct Deals (in-house Campaigns).

With just one SDK, Publisher now get access to all the top ad networks. There are two types of mediation network in VMAX

  • Server to Server (SDK-less mediation)
  • SDK based


Server to Server (SDK-less mediation) do not require any additional effort at integration level to access ads from third party ad network. Publisher just need to add credential of particular ad network into VMAX platform to activate these ads.

SDK based mediation network requires additional effort at integration level to access ads from third party ad network along with entering credential of particular ad network into VMAX Dashboard.

Note: In case if ApplicationContext is passed instead of ActivityContext while creating VmaxAdView object, only below mentioned Ad networks will work.
1)AdMob 2) Facebook Audience Network 3) InMobi 4)Google IMA

To get complete list of VMAX supported Mediation Partners and respective ad formats, Click here


Following guide will help you with integrating SDK based ad mediation network. There are two approaches for activating SDK based mediation network in VMAX

  • VMAX Android Studio Plugin (Recommended Approach)
  • Manual Integration


VMAX Android Studio Plugin

The Android Studio Plugin by VMAX automatically adds the mediation libraries, required permissions, settings for Proguard and other third party dependencies if any.

  1. On the VMAX menu, choose *Setup SDK*.
  2. For the ad types that you want, select one or more ad networks. The dependencies will be added automatically.
  3. Close this window once you’re done selecting all networks.


Manual Integration

If you choose to manually integrate VMAX SDK then for adding ad networks click here


*Please note that in addition to these steps, you also need to select these mediation partners for the different adspots used in your app.