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Ad view Settings – VMAX SDK for Android


VmaxAdview class provides API’S to make various adspot level settings.

Expand or Collapse Instream Ads Programatically
In the case where you want the instream video ad to match the App’s UI experince on change in orientation of the device, use the below mentioned API’s to achive the same

To Check If Instream ad is in Progress
You can make use of the below API to check wheather an Instream ad is currently playing its media i.e ad is in progress

Enable Ad Storage
SDK provides a below API to cache ad in persistent storage and show it later.

1. Passing Custom Data to ad request

2. Targeting for specifics
There are times when you want to target ads in particular sections of your app, ads to render as per language of your app content, for specific users of your app. Below API’S allows you to do so.

3. Keywords
You can pass on keyword information during ad request to have keyword targeted ads.

Customize ad appearance
Use the below code to customize adview background color. Default color for interstitial ads is black and transparent for banner ads.