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An Introduction – VMAX SDK for Android

The VMAX Android SDK is designed to help you integrate Ads in your application and fast track your way to monetizing your Android applications. It provides you with various mechanisms to request for Ads in your Android application.

It’s a very lightweight, modular & feature-rich SDK. A lower DEX method count means the SDK is lightweight but packs in all the powerful monetization features of VMAX™. The VMAX™ SDK delivers highest yield ads for app publishers from ad mediation partner, real-time bidding (RTB), direct deals & Agencies.

The SDK have both simple fully-managed Ad request methods. The Cache & show Ad methods to enable prefetching of ads. Our SDK lets you quickly and easily integrate with multiple ad partners.

Prerequisite :

  1. Signup VMAX Dashboard
  2. Download & Install VMAX Plugin for Android Studio

Steps :

To start VMAX Android SDK integration into your app, Click here to Get Started