POPS Kids TV: The Video-on-Demand (VOD) app that Vietnamese kids love


Remember that time when as kids we would anxiously look forward to watching our favorite cartoons on television? Today what is nostalgia for a lot of us is fast turning out to be a thing of the past for the current generation of kids.

This is because smartphones have made it possible for parents to let their kids watch these shows any time, at their own convenience. Although kids may still watch many of these shows on television, smartphones are becoming the preferred medium for kids to watch their favorite shows, especially on-the-go.

Furthermore, apps that offer video content are able to offer such wide variety of content dedicated to kids, that there is always something to keep the kids interested. This explains why POPS Kids TV, by POPS Worldwide, one of Southeast Asia’s biggest digital entertainment companies, is so popular in Vietnam.

The app offers over 30 popular kids shows and more than 3000 videos that are updated daily. The app goes beyond just entertainment genre and offers even video content around education, something that the kids’ parents always appreciate.

POPS Kids TV content is a healthy mix of popular local and international kids shows with all-time English classics such as Tom & Jerry and Scooby Doo dubbed in Vietnamese.

The app’s Timeout feature allow parents to regulate the app usage by their kids and ensure safe access to Internet. The app features copyright protected original content, ensuring only high quality and safe content is offered to kids. Its focus on providing rich video content that appeals to kids, localization and great parental controls is why POPS Kids TV is our Showcase App of the Month.

Available on: Android and iOS

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