Perfect Workout, the fitness app that is making waves across Vietnam


Smartphones have redefined the world of personal fitness, especially when it comes to fitness monitoring. There is an array of apps available today even from some of the most reputed global fitness brands, that help us start and follow a fitness regime rigorously. Add a smartwatch or the more popular fitness band to the mix and a fitness app helps us take our fitness regime to another level.

At least one close friend, a colleague or a peer of ours, leans on fitness apps for their personal health and fitness needs. Therefore it is not at all surprising to find that fitness apps are a rage globally. In fact, an industry report suggests that the global fitness app market is pegged to grow at a CAGR of 21% by 2021.

However, what makes a fitness app popular is the array of features that it provides while offering its user a simple yet intuitive user interface. That’s why the users of Perfect Workout, by Vietnam-based Perfect Thumb, love it so much.

Perfect Workout acts as a personal fitness trainer and helps you set a workout schedule. Once set, through simple yet elaborate animations, the app guides you and helps you perform your exercises. You can not only choose the amount of time you want to exercise in a day, but also whether it will be a full body exercise, or only upper or lower body. This way, the app helps you plan and follow a holistic exercise regime.

The fun part is that it incentivizes your exercise regime. Once you complete one exercise successfully you earn a ‘Ruby’ which helps you unlock the next exercise.

Furthermore, you can set reminders in the app to ensure that you don’t miss out on your daily fitness schedule. The app even provides your statistics that help you keep track of your progress.

Its unique approach to fitness is what makes Perfect Workout so popular among its users and our Showcase App of the Month. The app is finding great reception not just among Android and iOS users, but also among Windows Phone users.

Available on: Android, iOS and Windows