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Integrating Rewarded Interstitial Ads – VMAX SDK for Android Unity

Incentivized mobile ad networks allow app developers and mobile advertisers to reward users for an action. The user is required to complete a specific task in exchange for a prize, such as virtual currency. So increase your app revenue by serving offers and monetizing your non-paying users.

Integration of Rewarded Interstitial Ad Format

Construct an object of the Class VmaxPlugin and pass the AdspotId and uxType as the parameter into the constructor.
Note: It is required to initialize VMAXPlugin with Account Key for Rewarded Interstitial.
Make sure to call it before making ad request and call it only once. Rewarded Interstitials as an ad format was not available before SDK 3.6.0.

Request for Rewarded Interstitial Ad

To show ad

Make sure to unregister VmaxAdReward inside OnApplicationQuit() to avoid memory leak

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