Introducing Facebook Audience Network In-stream Video Availability through the latest version of VMAX Android SDK


You are in the app business and we have made it our business to ensure that you make the most of your business. Thus with each passing day our product managers and engineers are working hard to make VMAX SDK the most effective and rewarding integration for you. This blog post is dedicated to keep you updated on ‘What’s New’ with the latest version of VMAX Android SDK.

Till date you could opt for almost every other ad format on Facebook Audience Network (FAN) through VMAX SDK. With the new and improved version of VMAX Android SDK you can now deliver in-stream video ads through FAN which is yet to be integrated by the industry at large.

With digital viewership increasing swiftly, industry sources have estimated that it will soon surpass TV viewership. In such a scenario in-stream video ads play a crucial role of bringing familiarity to mobile viewership. Further, with in-stream video ads through FAN you are assured to deliver targeted and very contextual demand for your viewers, in turn adding more value for them. Thus if you want to resolve two of the biggest challenges publishers face today, such as user engagement and increase in app revenue, then in-stream video ads is what you should consider.

To maximize your app revenue, we advise to opt for multiple demand sources on VMAX Control Panel. Which means you work with top ad networks for your in-stream video demand with us and this list now includes Facebook Audience Network.

You can now download our latest version of VMAX Android SDK here. iOS mobile app developers will enjoy in-stream video ads through Facebook Audience Network soon.

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