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APPENDIX for VMAX Tizen Web app

<ins> is the place holder for the ad. Set all the required attributes within <ins> tag.


<script> tag makes the ad request. It need to be placed in the head of the page.


Requesting Ad


Resuming Ad Rendering


Required privilege:


Optional privilege:

Attributes that can be set under <ins> tag

Attributes for <ins> Values
id Any unique string, without space, for the page
data-adspot-key Adspot key. You can find either in step 3 or in adspot listing page under ID:
data-all-campaigns 0 – Only telco targeted campaigns will be delivered
1 – All campaigns will be delivered if set to 1
style To be used to apply style / css for ad placement block

Eg: text-decoration: none;

data-setSection Section of site.

Eg: Headline, Article, Breaking News, Cart, Wishlist

data-setLanguageOfArticle Language code in ISO
data-setLoginId Login id of User
data-setAge Age of user
data-setEmail Email address of user
data-setCity Current city of user
data-setGender Gender of user
data-setCustomData Custom data in key/value pair JSON format.

Eg: ‘{“key1”: “Some key value to be sent”, “key2”: “Some key2 value to be sent”}’

Available Callbacks

Callbacks Ad Formats
onAdError(<UNIQUE_PLACEMENT_ID>, errorString) All
onAdClick() All Video Ads
onAdClose(UNIQUE_PLACEMENT_ID>) All Video Ads
onAdMediaStart(UNIQUE_PLACEMENT_ID>) All Video Ads
onAdMediaEnd(boolean, reward) All Video Ads
onAdMediaExpand() Pre Roll video
onAdMediaCollapse() Pre Roll video
onAdSkippable() Pre Roll video