VMAX Tizen SDK Integration Guide

VMAX™ is the one-stop solution that gives you complete control over your app monetization. It is a publisher-centric mediation SSP platform which sources ads from various sources and optimizes to maximum yield rate and fill rate.

VMAX provides support for Ads in Tizen Native, Unity and Web applications. 

  1. Native SDK: It is for the Application developers who want to build Tizen Native App utilizing EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) for the UI. Among the other SDK’s available, Native SDK allows building Native feature-rich app. 
  2. Unity SDK: Games developers can utilize this SDK to monetize various in-game ad placements.
  3. Webapp SDK: Web application developers can use this SDK for applications using web technologies (HTML, CSS & Javascript).

VMAX support wide range of ad formats to provide better user ad experience on Tizen

Ad Formats :

  1. Banner
  2. Billboard
  3. Interstitial
  4. Interstitial Video
  5. Native In Feed
  6. Native Content stream
  7. Rewarded Video
  8. In-Stream Video

Getting Started :

The VMAX Tizen SDK is designed to help you integrate Ads and fast track your way to monetizing your Tizen applications. It provides you with various mechanisms to request for Ads in your application.

It’s a very lightweight, modular & feature-rich SDK. The VMAX™ SDK delivers highest yield ads for app publishers from Ad mediation partner, Programmatic, direct deals & Agencies

The SDK has simple fully-managed Ad request methods.Our SDK lets you quickly and easily integrate with multiple ad partners.


Step of Integration of VMAX Tizen SDK into you Native, Unity or Web app

  1. Signup on VMAX Dashboard
    1. Add an app
    2. Create an adspot
    3. Add mediation network
  2. Add VMAX SDK in your project based on your app type (Native, Unity or Web app)
    1. Download Zip file. You will find Three folder Native, Unity & web App. Each folder contains SDK and Sample App
    2. Choose right SDK based on you app type.
    3. Add chosen SDK & add into your project. You can refer sample app
    4. Refer Native, Unity and Web app link to follow detailed Instruction
  3. Add ad format specific code to request ads from VMAX
  4. Add an ad network SDK into your app to receive ads from mediation partner
  5. Compile your project and release for user