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Integrating Native Ads(Custom Layout) – VMAX SDK for iOS

Native ad elements


Primary Elements

1. Icon : Include property setTag = vmax_native_image_icon
2. Title : Include property setTag = vmax_native_title
3. Sponser badge : Include property setTag = vmax_native_adchoice
4. Description : Include property setTag = vmax_native_description
5. Image(main & medium) : Include property setTag = vmax_native_image_main
6: MediaView : Include property setTag = vmax_native_media_layout  (Mandatory if image elements used are other than icon)
7: CTA: Include property setTag = vmax_native_cta_text

User Interaction Enabled : Optional property to specify whether subview should be clickable. By default CTA text will be clickable.

Secondary Elements

1. Tagline : Additional descriptive text associated with the product or service being advertised.
2. Rating : Rating of the product being offered to the user. For example an app’s rating in an app store from 0-5.
3. Downloads: Number of social ratings or “likes” of the product being offered to the user.
4. Sale Price: Sale price that can be used together with price to indicate a discounted price compared to a regular price.
5. Price: Price for product / app / in-app purchase.
6: Phone: Contains contact information.
7: Address: Contains address.
8: Display Url: Display URL for the text ad. To be used when sponsoring entity doesn’t own the content.
9.Likes: Number of social ratings or “likes” of the product being offered to the user.
10.Custom Image:Contains Image of custom aspect ratio , which can be added in the ‘Add custom image’ option on the VMAX dashboard.
To render native ad you need to tag views so that  SDK can populate native ad elements wherever needed.

Property usage :

1.Primary Elements

Objective C Swift

2.Secondary Elements

Objective C Swift

The below API is mandatory for registering Impression and enabling view for interaction immediately before showAd call.

Objective CSwift

Request Native ad using cache + show API

Objective CSwift

On caching success, onAdReady delegate is triggered after which developer is expected to call showAd.

Objective CSwift

Request Native ad using managed show API

Objective CSwift


Q: Do I need to manage refresh?
A: No, Vmax Sdk will automatically handle refreshing of Ads.

Q: Can I get access to image assets URLs which I can download on my own?
A: No, VMAX Sdk will automatically manage all downloads.

Q: Can I customize the refresh rate for native ads?
A: The default refresh rate for native ads is set at 30 seconds to ensure a good ad yield without compromising on the user experience. You can manage the the frequency at which the native Ads are refreshed using the setRefreshRate property. Use the following code to set a custom refresh rate:

Objective CSwift