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Requesting VMAP for iOS

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The IAB Video Multiple Ad Playlist (VMAP) specification is an XML template that video content owners can use to describe the structure for ad inventory insertion. In order to effectively monetize video content with in-stream insertion advertising, video content owners must carefully manage the structure and use of ad inventory opportunities available within their content.

With VMAP, video content creators can define the following:

  • Ad breaks within their content
  • Timing for each break
  • How many breaks are available


VMAP was designed to be used in conjunction with VAST and is well-suited for video content creators who have no control over the video player, but want to control the ad experience within the videos. This method of ad scheduling is supported via VAST and Google IMA plugins.

Requesting VMAP through VMAX
There are two methods to get VMAP through VMAX sdk
1) Fetch VMAP URL
2) Fetch VMAP XML
Use the below code snippet to fetch VMAP URL

Objective CSwift

Use the below code snippet to fetch VMAP raw XML

Objective CSwift