MOAT analytics available on VMAX SDK v3.9: Upgrade the value of your app inventory with viewability reporting


With growing in-app advertising, marketers may have rising concerns regarding viewability and they now seek measurement of their ads seen by people and not just served to them. This has further pushed publishers around the world to deliver quality in-app inventory aligned with advertiser’s expectations.

We at VMAX, understand just how much transparency matters to our associate publishers and marketers. This is why we now bring MOAT’s measurement and analytics tools to VMAX SDK v3.9. Integrating MOAT’s technology, an industry-accepted measurement tool, enables our publishers to share the required viewability and measurement reports with their advertisers.

Alongside better credibility for your inventory, enabling MOAT viewability reporting will also be instrumental in optimizing fill rate and maximizing your overall app yield. Leveraging the MOAT viewability reports, publishers can then also gain premium campaigns via direct deal partnerships. For publishers, who are yet to offer viewability reporting, may miss out on ad budgets that have viewability as a prerequisite. With this update publishers will now be able to access viewability reports for all ad formats they offer.

Our partners who have existing MOAT integrations will not be affected with this VMAX SDK upgrade. When an advertiser runs a campaign with a MOAT-enabled publisher, they can view the campaign results on MOAT using their own credentials. Further the publisher can use the VMAX credentials to view the results or they can use their own MOAT credentials as well. For viewability reporting of video ad formats, publishers can feed partner key and other credentials provided by their advertisers.

With transparency gaining priority in the in-app advertising industry, offering viewability reporting now becomes a must for all publishers. Grab this opportunity by upgrading to the latest VMAX SDK v3.9 and boost the value of your app inventory.

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