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Additional Options – iOS SDK

To Block Ads

VMAX allows you to block ads on the basis of events, sessions and country.

Block Event-based ads

Setting YES will block Ads and not take any space on the device screen. Setting NO will unblock Ads.

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Block Session-based ads

Ads will be blocked for the specified number of application sessions via ‘inNoOfSessions’. To reset, call this API with inNoOfSessions = 0.
To block the ads for a certain number of app sessions, use:

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Block Country-based ads

To Block or Allow the Ads in certain countries, use:

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Additional Information

To Pass Extra Data for Targeted Ads

The VMAX SDK allows you to pass extra data to identify users for serving targeted campaign ads. For example, if your app users sign in using an email address, you can send this information to the server and create a campaign to target only specific user email addresses with ads. More information on how to create campaigns ia available here.

Pass custom key-value pairs to the Ad View using the setCustomData API.

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To disable offline access

To disable an app from starting, if an internet connection is unavailable, use the inShouldDisableOffline flag. If set to YES, the SDK will prompt for an internet connection not being available. In this case, the user either will have to activate the internet connection or quit the App.

Note: Insert the Key NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription and the description for Location access message box in your Application’s info.plist file that allows VMAX SDK to access the user location and deliver more appropriate ads.

Additional Notes:

  1. For Billboard Ads, Automatic Ad Refresh is not supported.
  2. For Sample App, add your Apple iPhone Developer or Distribution certificate in the VMaxAdSample project to run the VMaxAdSample on your device.

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