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The Analytics tab displays extensive statistics of an app or adspot for a defined period of time, primarily the Ads Requested, Ads Shown, VMAX Fill Rate, and Total Income. You can apply a number of filters to get detailed statistics.

Note: In case of ad network analytics, we use ad network reporting APIs to display information recorded by individual ad networks.

03 Analytics

  1. First choose a date range.
  2. Select one or more groups in the given drop-down menus. You can also arrange the menus vertically to change the level of analytics.
  3. Click on one or more links and apply additional filters.
  4. Click View to apply the filters and view analytics for the same or click View and then Export to download the analytics in CSV format.
  5. The Analytics will be displayed in this section. Expand one or more sections to get more insights.
​REQUESTS Total number of requests received from devices for fetching ads.
ATTEMPTS​ ​ ​​ ​Total number of attempts made to fetch an ad from ad sources. If one ad source cannot fill, the same request goes to another ad source. Each ad source contributes towards an attempt till an ad is provided.
ADS ​Total number of ads fetched from the ad sources.
​FILL RATE The ratio of ads fetched to the total number of attempts made.
IMPRESSIONS ​Total number of ads rendered on devices.
CLICKS ​Total number of clicks from devices on the impressions.
CONVERSIONS ​Total number of conversions from devices on the clicks.
CVR The ratio of the number of conversions to the number of clicks.
COMPLETED VIEWS ​Total number of completed views from devices on the impressions.
VTR The ratio of the number of completed views to the number of impressions.
CTR ​The ratio of the number of clicks to the number of impressions.
INCOME ​Income from your ad sources.
ECPM​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​Income per thousand impressions.
ECPC Income per click.
ECPA Income per conversion.
ECPCV Income per completed views.