A mediation platform is key to successful app monetization

Ad Mediation Blog

Let us imagine a scenario where you want feel like having some Italian food. There is only one restaurant in your town that serves Italian food, and being the only one, the restaurant serves it really expensive. What’s more, you have limited options in terms of the variety of dishes it serves.

Ad monetization without a mediation platform is much like this. Once you’ve decided that you want to monetize, you do a little research and find out that one particular ad network offers demand that meets your performance criteria. So you decide to work with this ad network. However, it turns out that the network can meet your performance criteria only in certain regions. Furthermore, you open up all your inventory to one partner, giving him the control over pricing. As a result your ad partner can now monopolize your inventory, which leaves you very little chance to maximize your ad revenue.

As opposed to this, if you work with multiple partners, each one would be compelled to offer you demand at competitive prices resulting in your ad monetization going up. A mediation platform gives you the control to choose the ad partners you want to work with. Working with multiple ad partners translates to higher fill rates too, as the mediation platform works to bring you demand that best meets your performance requirements. If an ad network does not meet the criteria, the platform looks at the next best ad network that can fill your inventory with demand that meets the performance requirements.

The end result is that you are in complete control of your ad monetization and you get high fill rates for your inventory, which translates to maximized app yield.