Choosing the right ad type is the first step to successful app monetization

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The biggest goal behind creating apps is, obviously, to have people use them. And what good is any app, if people don’t like what they see. So you focus on not just ensuring that your app is good at what it is supposed to do, but also do it in a way as user friendly as possible. Your app now looks good, runs butter smooth and is very intuitive for the user.

You want to monetize it now. However, the type of ads you choose and the way they appear in your app, can make or break your chances of earning good revenue from your apps. Your users, would find it intrusive or annoying if an ad appears out of nowhere, just when they are interacting with the app and can even become averse to using your app the next time.

Choosing an ad type that best suits your app experience would therefore be a good way to start with your app monetization. Here are four key ad types that you can choose from:

  • Native ads
    Native ads are great for content heavy apps as they can blend in seamlessly within the app and appear as if they are a part of the content. They keep the user experience seamless, uninterrupted and sometimes even add a relief to a page that may be full of content. Native ads can appear in-frame for games or can appear as in-feed or as a part of the content stream for non-gaming apps.
  • Video ads
    Video ads are increasingly becoming a popular way to engage users, as a lot can be conveyed within a short time in a highly engaging way. Video ads can appear as pre-roll in video content, providing a seamless video experience. They can also appear during in-app transitions as interstitial ads leveraging the empty space between those transitions.
  • Incent ads
    Incent ads are another very popular ad type, thanks to their ability to drive a higher amount of user engagement. These ads incentivize the user’s interactions with the ad, encouraging them to interact in a way that it leads to a particular desired outcome for the advertiser.
    In gaming apps, incent ads can be used to encourage users to unlock levels or earn virtual currency by watching a video ad or subscribing to an offer from an offer wall. Users can unlock specific content or features in non-gaming apps by clicking on an incent ad.
  • Display ads
    A more widely used ad type, display ads let you make the most of your app screen estate, appearing at a time and in a format best suited for your app experience. Display ads can be implemented as banner ads within the app content. They can even appear as full screen interstitial ads during transitions thus providing an unobtrusive app experience.


You can not only choose from all these various ad types but multiple formats within them and monetize your apps. However, you may have multiple apps to monetize. Also, you may want to use more than one ad type in an app. In such cases, it helps to opt for an ad monetization platform that not only supports multiple ad types but also multiple ad partners. Doing so, ensures that the ad spots in your apps see maximum fill rates, which in turn leads to maximized yield.