Enhance your mobile ad revenue with Direct Deals

VMAX Direct Deals featured image

With most connected consumers turning to smartphones for their content needs, you would be seeing the demand for your apps steadily growing. As you go about monetizing these apps, you also have brands or advertisers reaching out to you directly to advertise on your app because of the audience it caters to and/or the content it offers.

If your app for instance, offers educational content, you will have educational institutions reaching out to you, wanting to promote their brand through ads on your app. If you offer say a dating app, brands catering to a target audience between 18 to 35 years of age might reach out to you to advertise on your app.

Whatever the case may be, this just means more ad revenue opportunities for you to tap into. However, it is important that you manage and grow these direct deal relationships and in such cases, a solution that seamlessly integrates your direct deal partnerships into your app monetization strategy helps.

While VMAX™ maximizes app yield for you with access to multiple ad partners and features that provide you control over your app monetization, it extends these capabilities even to your direct deal relationships. VMAX™ gives you complete control over your direct deal campaigns. You can choose what audience will these campaigns be pushed to (country, device, telecom operator to name a few). You can also decide what the pricing model will be like, CPC or CPM.

VMAX™ even gives you the control to choose how often a user sees an ad from a direct deal campaign. Its support for multiple ad formats such as image, rich media, native or video ads means a highly engaging mobile ad experience for your users. A unified dashboard gives you an in-depth view of all your direct deal relationships, enabling you to monitor and manage them.

Furthermore, as users for your apps grow and your app business grows, you may end up putting a sales team in place to manage and grow these direct advertiser relationships. With VMAX™, its capabilities can be extended to these teams such that you continue to get the best demand for your ad inventory which translates to maximum app yield.