Enriching and immersive ad experiences for your app users with new VMAX™ native ads

VMAX Native ad  Tile and Icon

Native ads are a great way of engaging your app users, as they enable you to provide an ad experience that blends in seamlessly with the form and function of your app. However, today’s app usage experiences have become quite rich and diverse and therefore you need native ad layouts that best suit the app experience that they will be a part of.

Also, it should be easy to integrate native ads into your app/game so that you can focus on more important things such as the business logic of your app. The latest update to the VMAX™ SDK for Android and iOS recognizes these needs and brings in a slew of changes from a native ads perspective.

Native_Icon_ad_newNative_IconTwo new native ad layouts
While the SDKs continue to support native ad layouts such as in-feed and content stream, the update brings in support for two new ad layouts through helper libraries: Icon and Tile.

Recommended for: Mobile games
With this new native ad layout, you can display ads at strategic positions such as game objects and level maps. These ads blend in even more seamlessly with your gaming content, offering users a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience.

These ads appear as visual elements that are part of the game, and a full screen ad pops up on the screen only when the user clicks on the icon. This makes the ad experience vastly unintrusive and engaging for the user.

Tile Native_Tile
Recommended for: Music, video and image gallery apps
A lot of app user experiences today leverages tile layout to display content in a more visually appealing and intuitive manner. The tile layout takes advantage of this approach, enabling you to display these ads in a manner that is consistent with the form and function of your app design.

For instance if a list of albums appear as tiles in a music app, a few such tiles could be followed by a relevant mobile ad which appears as if it is actually the next tile in the list. When the user clicks on this tile, the chosen offer opens in a browser window separately. This means that the users’ app experience is not hampered during the time in which the ad is pushed to them.

Lean and Strong
The helper library decouples the native ad rendering from the business logic, thereby enabling you to focus on enhancing the app experience. Furthermore, it makes it easier to display native ads in your app, through predefined layouts and also lets you customize the native ad element positioning and style sheet as per your app or game experience.

All these features but no impact on the size of your app. You import the helper library only when you want to display native ads, which means your app size stays in check. Furthermore, this leaves room for you to also display other ad types that you think are best suited to your app experience. Additionally, all the native ad layouts supported by the SDKs are now compliant with the standards set by IAB for native ads.

So get started with creating a highly immersive, seamless and enhanced ad experience for your app that can deliver greater user engagement. All the enhancements are immediately available for you to take advantage of. Download the updated SDK for the platform of your choice here.

Please refer to the official documentation on how to integrate these new ad layouts for Android or for iOS. In case of any queries you can also write to us at productsupport@vmax.com.

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